A portrait of me by my wife Julia

Hi! I’m Artem.

I’m passionate about computers, arts, and writing. I grew up in Russia, where I majored in applied math and computer security. In 2013, my wife and I moved to (mostly) sunny Philadelphia. I work on Postmark at Wildbit.

Latest from the blog

  • Programmable Dictionaries
    I set out to build a program that generates flashcards from dictionary pages, but ended up learning a lot about vocabulary gatekeepers and ultimately questioning the service economy.
  • A look at Uncharted 4
    I’m taking a break from obscure programming insights for an angry review on Uncharted 4.
  • The language of programming
    Coding as a non-English speaker, or what Excel, Illustrator, and functional programming can teach us about names.
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Family Exlibris

My wife Julia is a freelance designer and illustrator. Together we built a website for our wedding day in 2013. She is always on a lookout for interesting projects. You can marvel at her work and get in touch by visiting madebyjulia.com.


I’m proud to be working at Wildbit. It is a self-funded, family-owned software business established in 1999. We work in private offices, take quiet time to see the bigger picture, and stay in touch in our personal lives. Check out our products:

  • Postmark — transactional emails for web apps (great deliverability included)
  • DeployBot — continuous deployments for modern web apps made simple
  • Beanstalk — version control hosting & deployments under one roof