Beanstalk integration for Sublime Text 2

Tired of incessant, tiresome jumping between Beanstalk and my code editor, I finally dedicated some time to integrating Sublime Text with Git, Subversion, Beanstalk, and all the things. The result of this little project is the Beanstalk Tools plugin for Sublime Text 2. The source code is available on GitHub, while the plugin itself can be easily installed via Package Control. Check out the README, or read the overly enthusiastic more detailed description I posted on the official Beanstalk blog.

The plugin offers a bunch of useful commands, but my personal favorite is the most basic “Open file in Beanstalk”. This one allows me to quickly send a link to the file I’m looking at to a colleague. It’s very addictive. If you’re using Sublime Text 2 and Beanstalk, definitely give it a chance.

Update #1 (December, 2013): I developed a version of this plugin that works with GitHub.

Update #2 (February, 2014): The plugin now fully supports Sublime Text 3.